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MH3: Tundra Music Theme

English Name: Tundra
Japanese Name: 凍土 (Tōdo)
General Information
Number of Areas: 9
Hazards: Cold regions (All Areas)
Main Resources: Isisium, Gracium, Blood Stone
Small Monsters: Anteka, Baggi, Bnahabra, Bullfango, Felyne, Giggi, Melynx, Popo
Large Monsters: Barioth, Brachydios, Bulldrome, Deviljho, Gigginox, Baleful Gigginox, Glacial Agnaktor, Great Baggi, Jade Barroth, Lagombi, Tigrex, Stygian Zinogre
Game Appearances: MH3, MHP3, MH3U
Generation: Third


Resource Map

The Tundra is an area introduced in Monster Hunter 3. It is located in an icy stretch of land characterized by flowing rivers of fresh water, tall formations of ice, coniferous trees, and dark, frozen caves. This snowy area is home to many types of uniquely-adapted monsters, such as Lagombi, Barioth, Gigginox, and Great Baggi. A Hot Drink is necessary in all areas except the base camp. 

Common Resources


  • Bone
  • Bone Husk L
  • Bone Husk S
  • Dragonbone Relic (High Rank)
  • Golden Bone
  • Monster Bone M
  • Monster Bone S
  • Mystery Bone
  • Unknown Skull


  • Bitterbug
  • Carpenterbug
  • Divine Rhino (High Rank)
  • Flashbug
  • Godbug
  • Hercudrome (High Rank)
  • Insect Husk
  • Killer Beetle
  • King Scarab (High Rank)
  • Rare Scarab (High Rank)
  • Royal Rhino
  • Thunderbug


  • Brocade Fish
  • Burst Arowana
  • Pin Tuna
  • Sleepyfish
  • Small Goldenfish
  • Speartuna
  • Whetfish


  • Adamant Seed
  • Bomberry
  • Huskberry
  • Ice Crystal
  • Might Seed
  • Nulberry
  • Paintberry
  • Sleep Herb


  • Honey
  • Insect Husk
  • Snakebee Larva


  • Adv Armor Sphere (High Rank)
  • Armor Sphere
  • Armor Sphere+
  • Auristone Chunk (High Rank)
  • Auristone Piece
  • Bloodrun Jewel (High Rank)
  • Bloodstone
  • Carbalite Ore (High Rank)
  • Deep Bloodstone (High Rank)
  • Earth Crystal
  • Fucium Ore (High Rank)
  • Gracium (High Rank)
  • Golden Bone
  • Ice Crystal
  • Iron Ore
  • Isisium
  • Lightcrystal
  • Machalite Ore
  • Mystery Charm
  • Rustshard
  • Shining Charm (High Rank)
  • Enduring Charm (G Rank)
  • Stone
  • Sunspire Jewel
  • Whetstone

Veggie Elder

Location: Base Camp, jump off the ledge (to the right) near the exit

VeggieElder Exchanged Item Received Item Gifts
Bloodstone Ration
  • Arowana Bait
  • Antidote
  • Might Pill
  • Adamant Pill
  • Psychoserum
  • Mega Pickaxe
  • Well-done Steak
  • EZ Shock Trap
  • Felvine Bomb
  • Power Juice
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion
Popo Tongue Hot Drink
VE Ticket Armorskin
VE Ticket Bronze Gigginox Claw
VE Ticket Silver Barioth Spike
VE Ticket Gold Brachydios Gem (MH3U)
VE Ticket Cosmic Brachydios Pallium (MH3U)

Secret Area


Dragonbone Relics are gathered here as well as Gracium, Isisiums, Bloodrun Jewel, Stone, and Ice Crystal.

The only way to get up to this secret area is with the "Felyne Explorer" food skill and randomly in High Rank and G-Rank quests.


  • Behind the bed at the Base Camp, is a map of the Monster Hunter world.
  • Large icy rocks float by in the base camp, if watched carefully, one can observe the same pattern of ice rocks repeatedly floating by.
  • While large ice rocks float by in the base camp, so do the large glacier walls, this hints at a warmer Tundra, causing the glaciers to melt.

Changes in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

  • The cave areas do not require a torch to be lit. They are all pre-lit.
  • The path from Area 3 to Area 5 is no longer one-way.
  • Mining is done from cracks in the wall as in MHFU, instead of randomly-spawning crystals.
  • Jade Barroth and Deviljho can break open the path to the Areas 8 and 9. Dragon bone relics can be found here.

Changes in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate



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