Troverian (Japanese 土竜族) are a race found living in the village of Harth, first introduced in Monster Hunter 4.

What Are Troverian?

Troverian are a race similar to humans though are quite different from both. Troverian are known to have a petite shape and a shorter life span compared to humans. Not much else is known about this race.

The Troverian Culture

Troverian are known to prefer living in underground areas, like the Volcanic Hollow, due to them using the many ores and minerals in the areas to produce equipment such as armor and weapons. The Troverian seem to learn how to make such equipment from the Wyverians. Some Troverian tribes even have special ways to polish old equipment found in the field by hunters. This race is said to be "workaholics" due to them working for long periods. They can continue work day and night to produce such equipment without a need to sleep until their work is finished. Many of the Troverian's clothes allow them to continue working without much problem, while also acting as their usual attire.

One unique trait is that the Troverian will become depressed and show negative emotions when lava in, or around, their home stop. The reason why is because the lava is needed to help produce many of the equipment they use and the Troverian love to work a lot.