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1[An Interview with Treshi]

A huge pack on his back, Pickaxe in hand, Treshi is famous for his joyous romps in search of Treasure. Today we talk with the famous Treasure Hunter, a spry 350 years young (or so he claims).

2'The world is full of unknown treasures. I spend my days in search of them, mate,' Treshi says these words with the sparkle of a school kid in his eyes. After hundreds of years searching for treasure across the land, he has set up shop at the Guild Outpost to spread the Treasure Hunter's gospel to other hunters and gain their help in the search.
3'I'm not old, but I'm old enough to know that I need the younger generation's help to gather up impressive treasures.' As a younger man, Treshi took up a Sword and slayed monsters, but since, Treshi has spent over 300 years searching out treasure. Now he asks for the help of younger hunters as he continues his own Treasure Hunters Quest.
4'Of course, these younger hunters don't work for free. I reward them for what they find,' Treshi says, and he's right. Lately, young hunters loathe to work for free. The reward is everything. 'Golden Eggs, Expand Pickaxes or an Armor Sphere... I've got lots of great rewards. Of course, whether you get one depends on what treasures you gather.'
5The easy-go-lucky Treshi of today masks the hardships he faced as a young man. 'There was a time when I gave up on treasure and tried to work on myself. I helped my sister start a village, opened a path to the mountain, and built a house,' he explains of his time in modern day Pokke Village. But despite it all, he could never truly give up on Treasure.
6The sister that Treshi referred to is currently the Village Chief of Pokke Village, and the two have always been close. After returning from his Treasure Hunters Quest, Treshi devoted himself to the development of the village and encourages young hunters to do the same with his special points that can be used to upgrade Pokke Farm.
7Lately, many young people have flocked to Treshi in hopes of becoming one of his disciples. "I'm just a people person, nothing special about me, mate!" Treshi says. Despite his modesty, he must be an incredible person to have so many visitors brave the harsh Snowy Mountains just to meet him.
8Among his disciples, the first and most famous of these apprentices is a Felyne commonly known as Trenya. According to Treshi, "I wasn't surprised that Trenya became such a great Treasure Hunter. Felynes are an incredibly strong and diligent race. In some ways, they are even better than humans."
9Trenya is now a freelance treasure hunter. Unlike Treshi, Trenya heads out into the field on his own to find treasure. He has no real base to speak of, instead choosing to roam the lands, but should Trenya find a sponsor to fund his adventures, he is open to the possibility of settling down.
10"I'm always on the lookout for sponsors, meow. If you can fund my adventures, I will search for treasure on your behalf. If I find something good, it is yours! I'm in it for the love of the hunt, nya!" Trenya says. Those interested in sponsoring Trenya's adventures can approach the Felyne himself; however, he limits this opportunity to skilled hunters.
11"My sponsor decides where I'm going, nya. Depending on where I go, what I bring back will change. The more I'm paid, the longer I can search, meaning the nicer the item my sponsor receives in return, meow!" Treshi's first disciple may be young, but he's brimming with energy, even taking out a wyvern himself! He is truly a star of the future!
12The seeds of treasure hunting that Treshi planted in the hearts and minds of hunters all across the land are beginning to bloom. Now, instead of being forced to work as a team of two, you can take on Treasure Hunters Quests alone. Thanks to Treshi's hard work, it seems the world of treasure hunting has a bright future ahead.
13"No matter what, I'll never let any young upstart supplant my standing. I am the original treasure hunter, mate! And now that you know my story, you're a treasure hunter too! So let's go get some treasure!" Treshi says as he heads straight off on a Treasure Hunters Quest. Aged, but still vivacious, his energy warmed even this editor's heart.

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