Monster hunter freedom 2 volcano

Credits go to Stinky Mcpeterson

Treasure Hunting: Volcano Guide

  • Not Complete yet (obviously), but will finish in the near future
  • This is an easy map to load up your points on if you know what you are doing
  • This guide will provide you with more Volcano - specific secrets and details for getting gold crown highscore on volcano


Specific guides for each zone

Zone 1

Zone 2

  • Bug netting spot in the upper right corner coming in from zone 1

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6

Zone 7

Zone 8

  • Mine all three spots with a pickaxe.
  • Middle mining spot has a mega treasure possibility(Teostra Meteor).


How to deal with the monsters in the Volcano treasure hunt


-For the Gravios, you will want to take either dragon or water weapon for he is weakest against to two elements

-Armour should just be anything with Sharpness+1(Artisan) or the highest defense possible.


  • When you locate the Gravios, paintball him or just go straight into attacking.
  • To attack him you will want to focus on his tail and getting it off (Only if you do NOT have a hammer or bow/bowgun).
  • Once it is off, DO NOT CARVE YET. You may get a mega treasure while the Gravios can still hit you.
  • Proceed to smack/slash the Gravios until it dies.
  • Now, if the Iodrome is also dead, carve his tail and take back the mega treasures(Teostra Meteor/Gravios Jewel).
  • Also, carve the body of the Gravios for maximum points.
  • Do not take back dragonrock, dragonrock+, or hard dragonrock UNLESS you are in zone 4 or a zone you know you can get back to base camp quickly. Otherwise, it will not be worth the points.


  • Easy strategy
  • Just attack until dead, not too much of a pain
  • Carve him twice to get a Purple Crest (2000 pts.)
  • If you carve a dragonrock or anything of that variety, drop it unless you are in zone 4

Mega Treasures

The rarest treasures (Must be rarity of 6 or greater).Note: not all rare 6 treasures are mega treasures.However rare 7 and 8 treasures are confirm mega treasures .

Why Important?

Mega Treasures are important for the following reasons:

  • More points per mission
  • More complete guild card
  • Bragging rights to friends

How to get

# Treasure How to get
1Basarios PeachFound in zone 8 or 2 at the plant searching spot.
2Athena BeetleBug netted in zone 2
3Elder Dragon ReferenceCombined from Torn Old Book and Old Book Scrap.(Get Old Book Scrap from area 2 herb gathering herbs.Get the bullfangoes to charge @the border until it breaks.Get Torn Old Book from area 6 Shootstone.refer from map.)
4Teostra MeteorCarved from the Gravios' Tail or mined in the middle spot of zone 8.
5Gravios JewelCarved from the Gravios' tail.

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