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Tower 2
English Name: Tower
Japanese Name:
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon17
Number of Areas: 7
Small Monsters: Great Thunderbug
Large Monsters: Yama Tsukami
Game Appearances: MHFU
Generation: Second
  • Tower Base Map (MH2)
  • Tower 2 Map (MH2)
  • Tower Base Map (MHF1)
  • Tower 2 Map (MHFU)
  • Tower 2 Map (MHFG)

This section of the Tower is for the most part exactly the same as Tower 1, except the interior areas have been shortened and the top has been modified to allow battle with Yama Tsukami. In Area 7 itself, there is a floor below where Yama floats, and if you drop by accident, you waste time climbing back up.


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