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English Name: Tower
Japanese Name:
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon17
Number of Areas: 10
Small Monsters: Aptonoth, Giaprey, Great Thunderbug, Remobra, Shakalaka
Large Monsters: Berukyurosu, Espinas, Espinas Subspecies, Kirin, Kushala Daora, Lunastra, Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Silver Rathalos, Rathian, Pink Rathian, Gold Rathian, Teostra, Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern), White Fatalis, Yama Tsukami, Zerureusu
Game Appearances: MH2, MHF2, MHFU, MHFO
Generation: Second
  • Tower Base Map (MH2)
  • Tower 1 Map (MH2)
  • Tower Base Map (MHFU)
  • Tower 1 Map (MHFU)
  • MHF-G Tower Base Map
  • MHF-G Tower 1 Map
  • MHFU Tower Base Resource Map
  • MHFU Tower Resource Map

The Tower Region is comprised of two main areas, the inside and the outside. The Tower itself is a crumbling structure that climbs beyond the clouds. It is believed that the tower was built using Kushala Daora materials, hence why you may find Decayed Dragon Scales when mining. The Top of this Tower returns in Monster Hunter 4.


Base Camp
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 001
A narrow path between ominous cliffs and a waterfall, there is a stone arch here.
Area 1
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 002
An open area with large cliffs and a waterfall on the south, many Aptonoths roam here.
Monsters: Aptonoth.
Area 2
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 003
A wide area outside of the Tower, there's many crumbled pillars and the perimiter is lined by rocks.
Monsters: Remobra.
Area 3
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 004
The entrance of the tower, this chamber has overgrown tree roots and is filled to the brim with glowing bugs.
Monsters: Great Thunderbug.
Area 4
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 005
A short path in the tower, the lowest open spot.
Monsters: Giaprey, Remobra.
Area 5
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 006
A large open area where large monsters may be found.
Monsters: Giaprey, Great Thunderbug, Remobra.
Area 6
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 007
A rising pathway running along the inner walls of the tower, there is a large opening in a wall where the distant sky can be seen.
Monsters: Remobra.
Area 7
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 008
A narrow path in the inner section of the tower.
Monsters: Shakalaka.
Area 8
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 009
Another rising path with the same features of Area 6.
Monsters: Remobra.
Area 9
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 010
Visually identical to Area 7, including the large hole which leads to the nothingness.
Monsters: Shakalaka.
Area 10
MHFU-Tower Screenshot 011
The ominous Tower Top, Monsters are usually fought here in a climatic battle, it is a wide Area perfect to fight in.
Monsters: Remobra.


Music Themes

MHFU/MHF-G8: Tower Music Theme (HR1-4)
MHF-G8: Tower Music Theme (HR5~)
MHF-G8: Tower Music Theme (G-rank)


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- "The Tower" (Tower Intro)00:15

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- "The Tower" (Tower Intro)

Title The Tower
by octaneblue2

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