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Tobi-Kadachi is a Fanged Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

MHW-Tobi-Kadachi Render 001


Tobi-Kadachi's face resembles a colubrid in appearance with grayish blue scales covering its slim squirrel-like shape. On its back are patches of white fur as well as a bushy tail covered in rows of spikes. Its front limbs also have a few spikes.


As Tobi-Kadachi fights, it picks up static electricity in its fur by brushing against trees and the ground. Tobi-Kadachi uses this static electricity to increase the strength of its attacks. Like a flying squirrel, Tobi-Kadachi has a membrane between its limbs that allow it to glide for long distances.


Tobi-Kadachi is native to the Ancient Forest.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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  • Tobi-Kadachi's head, back, and tail can be wounded.[1]
  • When charged up, the fur on its back will stand up.


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