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1[Practical Hunting -Tigrex Info-]

This section of Practical Hunting deals with the most recent information obtained by the Guild with regards to a wyvern frequently sighted in recent years. This wyvern is known only as Tigrex. The following is a summary of known information.

2The Tigrex has been spotted in the Snowy Mountains as well as the Desert zone. Feasting on Popos in the mountains, there have been sightings of vast numbers of Popo carcasses in Tigrex's wake. This means the Tigrex is well insulated against the cold, and has brought about the theory that it lives in the Desert and hunts in the mountains.
3Its wings and leg structure leave no doubt that it is a wyvern; however, it is different from every wyvern discovered up until this point. Its wings seem especially under evolved, and are used more as forelimbs for walking than anything else. The popular hypothesis is that it is a wyvern ancestor, as it seems to share traits with elder dragons.
4The Tigrex has been spotted flying though, disproving the idea that's its underdeveloped wings were incapable of such a feat. While flight may be difficult for the beast, it seems to be able to glide down from high elevations.
5When confronting a Tigrex, hunters should be wary of its movements at all time. Eyewitnesses report that it has incredibly strong jaws with which it can attack, and its forelimbs are known to launch powerful attacks against hunters who venture too close. It has no presently known weak points, and thus all hunters must be extremely cautious against it.
6Unfortunately, the information the Guild has concerning this monster is minimal, as it lives outside of the borders demarcating Guild control. The Guild is only fully aware of the limited set of monsters within its own borders, and as such can only provide a limited set of certified information.
7In the future, it is expected there will be other monsters that the Guild finds impossible to assemble a complete collection picture of. We appreciate the understanding and effort of all hunters as they adapt to unexpected circumstances.

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