• Since MH3U I've been dying to play a MH game on a TV screen again...

    As I understand it, XX currently has no plans for an NA release. The silver lining is if you create a Nintendo Account and set the region to Japan, you can easily download the demo or buy the Japanese version on the Switch since it's region free. That's great, but it's more difficult to play the game if you can't read the text. I guess it's better than nothing =\

    I realize that XX is an incrimental release, but it's a bit strange- Typically NA players get the "G" version (As we did with MH4), this time we got the base version (X) and not the "G" version (XX).

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    • No plans doesn't mean that MHXX will never come to the west. Keep in mind that.

      But unfortunately we don't know when and if MHXX will be released for the west, only time can say that...

      Personally , i think that we may get the answer after the release of MHST in the west, but is just my opinion...

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    • mhm... When I bought my Switch (pre release) I had full expectation that there would be a version of MH on it... but with XX uncertain/unlikely, and gen 5 going back to Sony (although it will also be on PC which means I can still play it)

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    • Drake is pretty much right, here...I feel like it'll be localized. I also feel like they're now waiting until next year near World's release, which kinda bugs me. (no one is going to bother with it when World is just around the corner)

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    • To be completely honest, it is also realistic that we won't get XX period. There are prior instances of us not getting a particular game from whatever generation. Just look at Monster Hunter 4. There's also Monster Hunter 2 to use as an example. We've also never gotten any of the spin-off games prior to Stories. In this case it would probably be best to keep your expectations low instead of holding out hope. That way you won't be consistently disappointed if it isn't announced, or flatout confirmed to never be localized, or be pleasantly surprised if it is announced.

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    • I say also to take into account on how XX switch version is selling poorly due to "MHW's hype"

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    • Now that the Switch version has been confirmed, I'm just wondering if we'll be getting the 3DS version along with it. Because the Switch ain't cheap.

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    • The switch sin't that far from what the 3DS was new.

      I somewhat doubt it because the 3DS is nearing the end of its cycle.

      The problem with this announcement is the release date is too close to when MHW comes out on PC.

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