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The Transpurrter (Japanese 転がしニャン次郎) is a Melynx seen living within Yukumo Village.



The Transpurrter has a rather peaceful personality, though speaks in a rough manner.


Not much is really known about the Transpurrter's past. What is known is that he hates stealing, unlike most Melynx. From this, the Transpurrter is considered to be a rarity among them. In society, he transports and delivers a vast variety of items to any who request such from him. He usually transports items belong to hunters in the field, though can sometimes be a delivery service for not just the Hunter's Guild, but also for some Lynian tribes.


He wears an eyepatch, a blue cape with a bell, and a hat in the shape of a Lynian's parts. The Transpurrter is also known to have a stem in his mouth and to roll around on a small barrel.


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