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This page is for information regarding the various individuals who are responsible for delivering the game, Monster Hunter.

Tanaka Tsuyoshi


Japanese: ?

  • Producer of the original Monster Hunter for the PS2
  • Joined Capcom in April 2001
  • He left Capcom in June 2006
  • Currently working at ENGINES Inc.
  • Before working at Capcom, he was a magazine editor [1]
  • Other works include Devil May Cry 2 & 3, Resident Evil Outbreak

Noritaka Funamizu


Japanese: 船水 紀孝

  • Executive Producer of the original Monster Hunter for the PS2
  • Joined Capcom in 1985
  • He left Capcom in April 2004
  • Now works at Osaka-based development company, Crafts & Meister Ltd.
  • Best known for his work on the "Street Fighter" series
  • Other works include Resident Evil 3,
  • Current project is "Earth Seeker"

Katsuhiro Eguchi

Japanese: ?

  • Game Planner for the original MH1 for the PS2

Kento Kinoshita

Japanese: ?

  • Chief Planner for MH1 and MH3 (tri)
  • In charge of Single Player mode for MH1, created the Monoblos
  • Currently working on MHP3rd

Shintaro Kojima

Japanese: ?

  • Game Planner
  • Currently working on MHP3rd

Ryozo Tsujimoto


Japanese: 辻本良三 (つじもと りょうぞう)

  • His father is Kenzo Tsujimoto, CEO of Capcom
  • His brother Haru Tsujimoto, President of Capcom
  • Joined Capcom in 1996 and started as a Game Planner
  • His favorite Monster Hunter Tri monster is the Jhen Mohran
  • Is the producer for MHP, MHP2, MHP2g, MH3 (tri), MHP 3rd, MH3G
  • Other works include Auto Modellista
  • Worked on Monster Hunter 4


Yasunori Ichinose


Japanese: 一瀬泰範 (いちのせ やすのり

  • Director of MHP, MHP2, MHP2g, MHP3rd
  • Game Designer for MHP2g, along with Shinji Imai
  • Other works include:
Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Resident Evil Outbreak
Resident Evil Outbreak: File#2

Kaname Fujioka


Japanese: ?

  • Series Director
  • Used to be a Game Designer
  • Loves to drink, watch movies, animes, and visit ancient shrines [2]

Masato Kouda

Japanese: 甲田 雅人

  • Former Composer for Capcom.
  • Responsible for the music of the series from the original Monster Hunter up to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.
  • Worked with Yuko Komiyama for one of the music themes in Monster Hunter 3.
  • Joined Capcom after graduating from Kunitachi College of Music. Left Capcom at 2003.[3]
  • Currently working at DESIGN WAVE


Yuko Komiyama

Yuko Komiyama

Japanese: 小見山 優子

  • In-house composer for Capcom.
  • First worked in 2005 for Monster Hunter Portable with Masato Kouda; she contributed concepts for background music in the game.
  • She recorded the soundtrack of Monster Hunter 3 in the Czech Republic.
  • Attended music lessons at the age of five, her hobbies as a young student were writing music.





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