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1[About The Hero of Kokoto]
  • An excerpt from the forthcoming book 'Monster Hunter' by the Guild Master.
2While there are many opinions on the man called the Hero of Kokoto. I have done my best to gather and present only the facts on the subject.
3At the very least we cannot deny the fact that the Hero of Kokoto possessed an incredibly powerful sword. It is also said that he worked as a monster hunter, and that he had many accomplishments to his name.
4The most eye-catching of these accomplishments is the story of the slaying of the Elder Wyvern of Mount Kokoto. Even if you consider it insignificant that the Hero of Kokoto takes his name from this mountain battle, it does not change the fact that the act of slaying this wyvern is more than enough to establish his position as a famed hunter.
5As this is a story that is heard at least once by everyone on the path to becoming a hunter, obviously some points in the story have been dramatized more than necessary. For instance, the part of the story where victory was decided in the battle when the Hero tossed his sword directly into the head of the wyvern.
6However, this part of the story actually being true is beyond comprehension. Moreover, the story tells of the rock-like shell of the wyvern, and the sword permanently embedded deep inside. One must conclude that this part of the story is absolutely idiotic.
7It is also natural for stories to originate from facts. It is said that of the four hunters who set off with the Hero, one of them fell prey during the battle and was slaughtered. This hunter is famed to be the Hero's fiancée, a women even more radiant that the brightest of crystals.
8It is said that at first he was hesitant to embark on this dangerous mission with her, but eventually she convinced him to take her along. It is said that she wanted this be her most triumphant battle before retirement.
9After slaying this great wyvern, his reputation as a hunter skyrocketed. However, the loss of his fiancée gave birth to a jinx. It was henceforth said that any group of five hunters were bound to misfortune and disaster.
10Now all hunters embark on Quests in groups of less than four, out of respect for the sacrifices made by the Hero of Kokoto, and with thoughts of safety for their fellow hunters in mind. It is said that the real Hero of Kokoto retired to a small and remote village, but firm details of this are scant.


On page 4 it says "Elder Wyvern" this could mean "Elder Dragon", for during MH1 Fatalis & Lao-Shan Lung was refer as either a wyvern or dragon & one of them was refer as a "Elder Wyvern". So this "Elder Wyvern" for this topic for it didn't give much specific details just only "rock-like shell" it is unclear if it really is a Elder Dragon or a wyvern.

On page 7 they made a typo instead "woman" they have it as "women", but they only referring one person (Kokoto Chief's fiancée) it suppose to be woman.

Here are 3 known Hero of Kokoto accomplishments: He slayed a Monoblos with the Hero's Blade, slayed a Lao-Shan Lung solo, & slayed a another Lao-Shan Lung that killed his fiancée that is mention in this topic.

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