A screen shot of a hunter eating in the Felyne Kitchen

The Felyne Kitchen is a recurring feature in the Monster Hunter franchise in which the player is able to gain status bonuses(Felyne Whim Skills) in a kitchen of recruited Felyne Chefs before going on quests by paying and choosing two out of the many possible orders. In MHF2/U The Felyne Kitchen starts out as an inaccessible part of the player's house depending if the player starts a new game or if the player exports his/her save file. Usually, the Felyne Kitchen can hold up to five felyne chefs all of which can be recruited by (in MHF2/U) either talking to the Peddling Granny or by talking to the Wandering Chef barrel near the player's house.

The Felynes gain experience when they cook meals. they can level up to a maximum level of 9, allowing them to cook more meals. They also get chef hats along the way.

The Felyne Whim Skills vary from the different pair of food the player orders and the type of Felyne chefs. Some pairs might even lower the player's status down.

In MH3 there were some noticeable changes. First was that there is only one Felyne chef and is only accessible after the Argosy Captain arrives. Second was that the player can now choose how the Felyne chef cooks the food therefore altering it's possible skills and status bonuses.

In MHP3rd instead of a felyne kitchen of MHFU or the eating tables in MH3, the hot spring is the new method in which to gain stats before battle. Unlike before, you must complete quests to unlock these benefits.

It is possible to hire 4 Felynes by the names Spike, Jet, Fey, and Edward. These Felynes are referencing the once popular Japanese Anime Cowboy Bebop. However, hiring all 4 does not grant anything special.

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