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Terra Shogun Ceanataur Topics:

Reward For Breaking:

  • Claws- Damage (Any), requires one to be broken
TerraCeanatrClaw x1 (65%)
TerraCeanatrClaw x2 (15%)
Ceanataur Pincer x2 (20%)
  • Shell- Damage (Any), can be broken twice
Gravios Skl Shl x1 (70%)
TerraCeanatrShl x1 (22%)
Wyvern Skull Shl x1 (8%)


  • Body-[x3]
TerraCeanatrShl (50%)
HvyCeanataurLeg (25%)
Ceanataur Pincer (10%)
Giant Blk Pearl (10%)
TerraCeanatrClaw (5%)


Blackish-purple foam forms from its mouth

TerraCeanatrShl x2 (60%)
HvyCeanataurLeg x1 (30%)
Ceanataur Pincer x1 (10%)


When it burrows to replace its shell or finishes eating without noticing hunter.

Crab Pearl+ (50%)
Crab Pearl (25%)
Giant Blk Pearl (15%)
Black Pearl (10%)

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