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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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A brutal male Elder Dragon with breath of flame and expert control over fire. Its vile temperament means anyone who approaches is subject to fire and brimstone. Known to attack towns, the Guild keeps tabs on its movements.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Fire Dragon
  • Family: Tesukato

An Elder Dragon, Teostra is the male counterpart of Lunastra.

Habitat Range

Teostra mainly prefer areas with intense heat, namely the Volcanic BeltVolcanic Hollow, Ingle IsleDunes, the Desert and the Wildspire Wastes. They also can be seen living in more temperate areas such as the Swamp,the Everwood, and the Elder's Recess, makeing them their lairs and they have been known to attack many Towns. Teostra also travel to the Tower, where their female counterparts Lunastra can be found nesting.

Ecological Niche

Being predatory Elder Dragons Teostra are powerful top predators and are easily capable of killing weaker animals such as Aptonoth, Conga, Bulldrome, Iodrome, Apceros, and Cephadrome. Armed with razor sharp claws and flesh ripping teeth these Elder Dragons make short work of prey and smaller predators. However these fearsome predators have to contend with equally deadly predators such as Akantor, Rajang, Abiorugu, Tigrex, Odibatorasu, and Kuarusepusu. All of these predators can grievously injure if not kill a Teostra if a battle were to happen. Yet with their size, strength, tenacity, and firepower these Elder Dragons won't go down without giving a serious fight.

In the New World, Teostra sits at the top of the food chain in whatever habitat they are in. In the Wildspire Waste and Elder's Recess, they hunt the herbivores and lesser predators in the area. Other monsters, such as Pukei-Pukei, Dodogama and Kulu-Ya-Ku have to be wary of these creatures or they too may end up on the Teostra's menu. Only few would challenge the Elder Dragon. Foremost are the monsters Bazelgeuse, Deviljho and fellow Elder Dragon Kushala Daora. Teostra have to be especially aware of the powerful Nergigante, which have been seen taking down and even consuming them. Despite this, Teostra remain both large and powerful enough to dominate their environment and are capable of taking out the aforementioned monsters if a battle were to happen.

Biological Adaptations

Possessing mastery over flame, there are few creatures that can hope to last against Teostra for long. To defend itself, the Teostra also utilizes a heat shield which damages enemies that get too close. To keep its flame powers going, they consume coal in volcanic environments. It also has detachable wing scales or powder that explode when ignited from a spark made when Teostra bites. It uses these to defend itself from attackers, although they give little protection against enemies with resilience to extreme heat such as Akantor or Lavasioth. Recently it has been discovered that Teostra have another defense that has been rarely seen. Teostra will cover itself in an explosive powder when greatly enraged and begin to perform far deadlier explosive attacks than ever before. This Explosive State allows Teostra to leave behind an explosive powder with almost all of its attacks that can explode over time or be ignited immediately by Teostra itself. Teostra can even use the powder for many close range attacks but more skilled Teostra have learnt to use the powder at long range. When Teostra exits this state, it will fly into the air and ignite the powder all at once. When the powder is all ignited, Teostra will be covered in a large burst of fire, that is sometimes referred to as the Supernova, and will begin to act as it was before entering the deadly state.

Some extremely rare individuals have more control over their flaming powers than most. They have a different appearance also including more yellow wing webbing, a more reddish mane, red claws, orange tail end and golden eyes. New flame techniques include leaving pockets of explosive powder across the area in the air as it fights and setting them all a flame at will, all its flame thrower attacks are at full length even further than an average Teostra's flame length, making explosions as it charges and a line of explosions bellow it as it jumps, a more powerful flame shield and making explosions around its body as it jumps around.

Some even more extremely rare individuals around the Tower are even more advanced and unusual, with even more strength and flame abilities. Their appearance is also unique such as its tail, wings, horns and feet have a flaming red magma pattern, its ears are more pale and it has flaming orange eyes. Its abilities include all of those above from previous Teostra variants and new techniques including burning fire lasting for only a few moments after a power explosion, standing on its hind legs and creating large flames around its body as it stands on its hind legs, and a ultimate ability above any other Teostra the ability to spit what appears to be a burning spark as it hits the ground this spark explodes into a flaming tornado much larger than the creature itself, it will then fly into this tornado and burst from within scattering flames all around it as the red magma like patterns on its body catch on fire. During this state all its flame control abilities become improved and more powerful to the point were if it uses its flame thrower during flight it will burn and cause explosions ahead of the flame hitting the ground.


Teostra are a very aggressive monster. It will show dominance to anything that it encounters. Compared to Lunastra, who give warnings to get out of its territory, Teostra will ruthlessly attack intruders until they are dead. As one of the most aggressive Elder Dragons, Teostra are highly feared. It is not advised to go out into the Desert, Volcano, Swamp, or Tower when pairing with Lunastra, as the prospect of fighting both Lunastra and Teostra together is often considered suicidal.