LS-Icon RARE 3 Tenebra
Attack: 462
Attribute: N/A
Awakening: +300 Ice
Affinity: 0%
Slots: OOO

Description: A dark blade that pulses with the lifeforce it saps from any who wield it......

Forging Materials
Dark Metal 5
Isisium 5
Amber Tusks 3
Cost: 30000z

Upgraded From: N/A

Upgrades Into: Tenebra D

The Tenebra is one of the event weapons in Monster Hunter Tri. It's one of the weapons in Tri created by series fans. It's also one of the few MHTri event weapons able to be upgraded.

September of 2009, Capcom-Unity and Capcom-Europe held contests that gave their members a chance to design and name a weapon for Monster Hunter Tri. Winners of the contest in Europe were announced on November 19, 2009, and winners in North America were announced last on December 2, of 2009. Tenebra was the winning name for the Name a Weapon Contest, named by player Jack 'JDK' Kelly.

Note: In Monster Hunter Tri, Dark Metal can only be obtained from the Rewards of the Cold Call Event Quest.

However, In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, instead of Dark Metal as the material for Tenebra, Shadowed Edge is used instead and it is obtained in The Dark Demon's Sword Event Quest. Only 1 Shadowed Edge is needed to forge Tenebra. Its attack is also changed to 495 from 462 in MH3U. 




  • Tenebra and it's sheath are likely inspired by MHFU's Guardian Sword and it's upgrade, Atlantica, as they bare a close resemblance.
  • The Latin word for darkness is tenebris, likely an inspiration for the name.