I was wondering if we should put a small section that lists Monsters with minor role or references to other Monsters.

  • Shen Gaoren: Much like MHGen, There's a Shen Gaoren Corpse in the Ancient Forest.
  • Ceadeus: Ceadeus armor (and IIRC a weapon, possibly the Bow) Returns in MHXX, it requires materials from Shagaru Magala and Lagiacrus.
  • Yama Tsukami: Armor, much like Ceadeus.
  • Lunastra: While it doesn't mention her directly, there's a Lunastra Themed armor in MHXX. Also an HBG named Lunastra's Zeal from MHGen.
  • Monoblos: Same as MHGen, skull on Daimyo Hermitaur and an item named "Decayed Crimson Horn".
  • Great Jaggi: Scraps for Felyne's Gear from MHGen.

Did i forgot something else?

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