Online Ceadeus

Woo! Is it confirmed that the Ceadeus subspecies will be available online?1 John 4:8 (talk) 14:42, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

<<Very Difficult>>

Is it me, or are these <<Very Difficult>> missions actually easier?

No Volvi: I was disappoint

Hey anon tip, 

I just went on the "Call the Herd" Quest because I was looking for a Volvidon to make the armor set (and frankly thought I could get better rewards for killing it not as part of the village quests):  I got a Great Wroggi and no Volvidon. It was a sad hunt day. :(  You might want to add the Great Wroggi as a large monster you can find for that quest. If anyone is farming Volvi they probably would like to know there is a chance of it not being there.  

Kthnx 22:45, April 16, 2013 (UTC)

Key quest definition

As far as I can tell the LV7 'Fisherman's Fiend' quest is not a key quest, it merely unlocks 'A Sea of Wyverns', which like many other key quests can be completed by being invited along by someone else.

I haven't really been been paying attention to what this page defines as a key quest until this point, but I was wondering if we can clairify which quests are actually key and which quests merely unlock key quests and therefore can be bypassed via invitation since there are still a lot of people playing multiplayer that simply want to get there HR up as fast as possible. Jrivany (talk) 11:54, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

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