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1[Practical Hunting Lecture -Melee Weapons-]

There are hunters who are happy they have made it into the hunting ranks, but are unsure of what weapon to use. In this lecture, we will give these worried hunters a special report on swords.

2Many people feel that swords are simple weapons for weak beginners, but the truth is that they are weapons with immense depth. Sure, it is true that a single hit is relatively minor, and that it is possible to be knocked out of one's guard; however, swords make up for this with a plethora of special characteristics and attributes.
3The interval between sword attacks is very small, so combination attacks suit this weapon well. Moreover, swords are graced with the ability to quickly shift from attacking to defending and evasion. This is an excellent feature to have when facing large groups of monsters, or especially nimble ones like the Velociprey.
4When facing the toughest class of wyverns, you can see a sword's true worth by using its attributes. Weapons capable of afflicting a monster with special ailments in a rapid number of hits are quick to show their effectiveness. Swords fit this bill nicely!
5Furthermore, weapons with Fire or Water attributes validate all the labor needed to make them. Attribute damage is constant damage. It will damage a monster no matter how hard their flesh.
6Another one of the benefits of a sword is the fact that they do not require a vast quantity of materials to create or improve. The prices they command are also less than comparable weapons in other classes, and swords can be improved into powerful Dual Blades.
7Let me talk about some swords you can attain even with a low Hunter's Rank. First is the Red Saber. Made from Rathalos Shell, among other Fire Wyvern materials, this sword has a strong Fire attribute. If you continue to improve this with Fire Wyvern materials, it will be capable of incredible power!
8Next is the Deathprize. By using Genprey materials to improve a Viper Bite (made from Velociprey), you can create a sword with a powerful paralysis attribute. By afflicting wyverns with this paralysis effect, attacking them becomes a veritable pinata party.
9Last, I would like to talk about the Poison Battleaxe. It uses Monster Bone, along with the Poison Sacs from a monster's internal organs, and Gypceros Hide for protection. The Poison Battleaxe's high attack strength and poison attribute make it a textbook hunter's weapon.
10Large numbers, an abundance of attributes, and easy to acquire. These are all the strengths of a sword. You, too, should give a sword a try today!

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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