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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

MH3U-Steel Uragaan Icon
 A metallic species of Uragaan with an unusual diet that allows it to create a powerful, noxious gas. The gas permeates the rocks on its body, which then emit foul fumes when scattered. Like regular Uragaan, they can travel quickly by rolling.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Theropoda
  • Superfamily: Hammer Jaw Wyvern
  • Family: Gaan

A Subspecies of Uragaan, Steel Uragaan is a Brute Wyvern found in volcanic regions.

Habitat Range

Recently Steel Uragaan, along with their close relatives, have been seen in the Deserted Island. These accounts hint towards these creatures adaptability as they were previously thought to inhabit only the Volcano.

Ecological Niche

The Steel Uragaan has much the same habits as the regular Uragaan, consuming large amounts of ore to sustain itself. But due to its color, this subspecies probably has a much different diet to the regular Uragaan. It may consume only certain types of ores or crystals, which would explain its much lower population to the regular species - it is a selective feeder. It may also eat from very hot areas of the Volcano or rest in them - this could be the reason its chin is fiery red, and resembles magma. A fully grown adult Steel Uragaan has very few natural predators due to their massive size, strength, armored skin, and powerful physical attacks. Predators such as Agnaktor, Brute Tigrex, Rathalos, Stygian Zinogre, and Brachydios would think twice before attacking this powerful brute as they lack the weaponry to predate on such heavily armored animals. Even the mighty and fearsome Deviljho would be hard pressed to kill the equally large and powerful behemoths. When traveling to the Deserted Island these creatures will feed on local ore deposits and vegetation, but here they come into contact with large predators such as Zinogre, Nargacuga, Rathian, Lagiacrus, and Plesioth. However, these predators will give the Steel Uragaan a wide berth as well. The only known creatures that can actively prey on Steel Uragaan are the rare Akantor.

Biological Adaptations

From its different feeding habits, the gas in the minerals give it a strong smell and this smell even effects the explosive rocks its throws. The rocks attached to this Uragaan are both explosive and smelly in nature. This gas, along with oxygen, has also changed its color to a steel blue. Like Uragaan, it is able to withstand the heat of lava and protect its internal organs with its strong, heat-resistant shell.


Steel Uragaan are rather aggressive in nature when provoked, even more so in a herd. Interestingly, the Steel Uragaan form and live within herds. They do this in order to secure an area for its rich ore deposits and other sources of food. Unfortunately for nearby villages these herds can cause a large amount of quakes, thus causing great property damage.

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