Special Training quests

Special Training quests are unlocked through the Training School, by defeating two Battle Training monsters of the same level and defeating the monster during a regular quest, e.g. Yian Kut-Ku and Congalala, which are both rank 1 Star, as well as defeating a Cephadrome unlocks the Cephadrome Special Training quest.

Special Training quests are located in one of that monster's native habitats, e.g. Fighting Cephadrome in the Desert instead of being confined to the Great Arena, where all of the Battle Training occur.

During these quests, standard gathering spot items are replaced with items that are useful in battle, like Mega Potions and Sonic Bombs. These are located around the map as your starting inventory is restricted, instead of allowing you to choose freely.

Unlocking monsters

Monster Location Unlock Criteria
Cephadrome Desert Defeat 1 Cephadrome, and complete at least one weapon for the Yian Kut-Ku and Congalala training.
Plesioth Jungle Defeat 1 Plesioth, and complete at least one weapon for the Khezu and Daimyo Hermitaur training.
Shogun Ceanataur Swamp Defeat 1 Shogun Ceanataur, and complete at least one weapon for Blangonga and Yian Garuga training.
Rathalos Forest & Hills Defeat 1 Rathalos, and complete at least one weapon for Tigrex and Diablos training.
Rajang Snowy Mountains Defeat 1 Rajang, and complete at least one weapon for Gravios and Kirin training.


Completing each quest with each weapon, the Sword Saint Piercing is unlocked. This head piece item grants +10 Fencing, granting the ESP Skill, which stops your weapons from bouncing of an enemy.

Armor Name Description Initial/Final Defense Skill Points Given Skill Activated Slots Rarity
Sword Saint Piercing Worn by the swordsman who saved the royal city from crisis. Key to many things. 20/52 Fencing +10 ESP 0 5

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