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MHF2/MHFU: Snowy Mountains Music Theme
Snowy Mountains
English Name: Snowy Mountains
Japanese Name: 雪山
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon01
Number of Areas: 8
Hazards: Cold regions
(Area 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8)
Main Resources: Mountain Herbs, Machalite Ore
Small Monsters: Anteka, Kelbi, Popo, Vespoid, Giaprey, Blango, Bullfango,
Great Thunderbug, Velociprey, Aptonoth
Large Monsters: Giadrome, Bulldrome, Blangonga, Rajang, Khezu, Red Khezu, Tigrex, Doragyurosu, Kirin, Kushala Daora, Abiorugu
Game Appearances: MH2, MHF2, MHFU, MHFO
Generation: Second
Monster hunter freedom 2 mountains

Map of the Mountains Region


Snowy Mountains are the closest area to Pokke Village, hence the first and easier missions taken place in the Snowy Mountains. Most of the upper areas and all of the caverns are freezing cold, so precautions must be taken to control bodily temperature. Some of the creatures that live here include Anteka, and Popo. Offensive creatures include Vespoid, Giaprey, and Blango, while Anteka are also mildly aggressive, attacking mostly when they are provoked. Bosses in the Snowy territory include Giadrome, Bulldrome, Blangonga, Khezu, Red Khezu, Tigrex, and Kirin.

Veggie Elder

Location: Area 4, end of the cave

VeggieElder Exchanged Item Received Item Rare Exchange Gifts
Sm Monster Bone Hot Drink Hot Meat
  • Potion
Ice Crystal Dung Wyvern Dropping
Dragonmoss Thunderbug Juice Monster Fluid
Dragonwood Thunderbug Juice Monster Fluid
Bone Mountain Herb
Black Ant Sharp Claw


Area 1


The foot of the mountain, it is a grassy area with a cave. There is a nearby lake, where Popo's will drink from. Khezu, Blangonga and Tigrex will rarely be seen in this area.

Plants 1  % Plants 2  % Bugs  % Fishing  % Misc  %
Herb 62% Herb 66% Bitterbug 30% Knife Mackerel 20% Worm 60%
Sap Plant 33% Huskberry 30% Carpenterbug 27% Rumblefish 16% Frog 35%
Huskberry 5% Nothing Found 4% Thunderbug 15% Nothing Found 15% 5%
Firefly 10% Sleepyfish 13%
Royal Rhino 10% Burst Arrowana 13%
Insect Husk 8% Bomb Arrowana 10%
Small Goldenfish 8%
Sushifish 5%

Area 2


This area is upon a hilltop, a grazing land for the herbivores of the snowy mountains. there is a rocky cliff face, which can be ascended. Access to a cave.   The very top of the area that connects to area 7 is the only place that you can fight Blangongas, even though they will rarly go there.

Plants 1  % Plants 2  % Mining  % Bugs  %
Ivy 55% Honey 65% Iron Ore 40% Flashbug 28%
Huskberry 30% Mountain Herb 25% Disk Stone 30% Carpenterbug 22%
Worm 15% Insect Husk 10% Machalite Ore 20% Godbug 20%
Whetstone 10% Bitterbug 15%
Cricket 10%
Royal Rhino 5%

Area 3


This area is cold, bring Hot Drinks along.

This area is a small hideaway from the harsh climate of the mountains, it is a nest for the larger wyverns and primates that populate the area. Monsters go here to sleep and regain their strength.

Mining  % Mushrooms  % Misc 1  % Misc 2  %
Disk Stone 40% Blue Mushroom 80% Small Bone Husk 70% Mystery Bone 64%
Whetstone 30% Bone 10% Bone 30% Carnivore Egg 30%
Ice Crystal 13% Parashroom 10% Unknown Skull 6%
Machalite Ore 12%
Goldstone Piece 5%

Area 4


This area is cold, bring Hot Drinks along.

  • There are no monsters in this area, so relax and gather and mine as much as you can.
  • The Snowy Mountains' Veggie Elder stays in this area.
  • Total of 2 gathering points and 2 mining spots
Mining 1  % Mining 2  % Honey  % Misc  %
Iron Ore 45% Iron Ore 45% Honey 65% Ice Crystal 75%
Stone 20% Stone 20% Mountain Herb 25% Stone 25%
Ice Crystal 15% Ice Crystal 15% Insect Husk 10%
Whetstone 15% Whetstone 15%
Goldstone Piece 5% Goldstone Piece 5%

Area 5


This area is cold, bring Hot Drinks along.

Plants 1  % Plants 2  % Mining  % Misc  %
Sunset Herb 35% Mountain Herb 50% Iron Ore 45% Small Bone Husk 70%
Mountain Herb 25% Paintberry 30% Stone 20% Bone 30%
Sap Plant 20% Huskberry 20% Ice Crystal 15%
Huskberry 20% Whetstone 15%
Goldstone Piece 5%

Area 6

This area is very cold, bring Hot Drinks along. In addition Pit Fall traps cant be placed anywhere In the area.

  • Wyverns and Monsters you will see: Giaprey, Anteka, Blango, Tigrex, Khezu, Blangonga, Kirin, Kushala Daora.
  • Total of 3 gathering points and 1 mining spot
Plants  % Mining  % Berries  % Misc  %
Herb 62% Disk Stone 40% Armor Seed 70% Whetstone 60%
Sap Plant 33% Iron Ore 25% Mountain Herb 25% Nothing Found 25%
Huskberry 5% Whetstone 15% Huskberry 5% Stone 15%
Ice Crystal 10%
Goldstone Piece 10%

Area 7


This area is very cold,bring Hot Drinks along.In addition Pit Fall traps cant be placed anywhere In the area.

  • Wyverns and Monsters you will see: Popos, Giadromes, Giapreys, Blangos, Khezu, Tigrex, Blangonga, Kirin, Kushala Daora.
  • Total of 4 gathering points
Plants  % Misc 1  % Misc 2  % Misc 3  %
Sleep Herb 45% Whetstone 60% Paintball 70% Paintball 70%
Herb 30% Stone 30% Ration 25% Throwing Knife 25%
Mountain Herb 25% Nothing Found 10% Net 5% Psychoserum 5%

Area 8


This area is very cold, bring Hot Drinks along but be wary because its effect is halved because of winter colds.

In addition Pitfall traps cant be placed anywhere In the area.

  • Wyverns and Monsters you will see: Blangos, Tigrex, Giadrome, Kirin, Bulldrome, Kushala Daora, Blangonga, Khezu.
  • Total of 3 gathering points and 1 mining spot.

The very summit of the mountain, sits the shedded skin of a Kushala Daora, you can mine from its arm.

Plants 1  % Plants 2  % Mining  % Misc  %
Mountain Herb 75% Sleep Herb 45% Khezu Whelp 25% Whetstone 60%
Sunset Herb 20% Herb 30% Disk Stone 20% Stone 25%
Sleep Herb 5% Mountain Herb 25% Ice Crystal 20% Decayed Dragon Scale 15%
Decayed Dragon Scale 15%
Machalite Ore 15%
Stone 5%

Secret Passageway

Enter Area 8 from Area 6. Turn to your right. You'll see a small cave there. Crawl through it and descend. There is a gathering point for Mountain Herb and Sunset Herb to your left. Climb up 2 ledges and then, climb up a taller ledge using its rocky surface. Facing to your right, you'll see the skin of a Kushula Daora. The Kushala Daora is an elder dragon first encountered in a level 4 elder quest in MHF2. In one of the E3 Videos you see the Kushala Daora on top of the mountain and it sheds its skin then flys away. There is a mining spot located at one of its claws. Mine it not only for ores, but also for Khezu Whelps, which drains your health gradually when obtained. If doing a treasure hunting quest here and you receive a flag this is were you can put it for an immediate 3000 points. What you do is once you get to the part of the climb with the kushala skin you turn left from it and there will be another climbing spot. You will see a large pole and a few other things. Search in your usable items (were you chose what potions/meats/boosts to use) and find the flag. Run around on the peak (don't worry you can't fall off except for the point were you climbed up) until the X covering the picture disappears and color is added. There press the square button and you will put the flag on the poll and be rewarded with your 3000 points.

Secret Area

Only reachable when playing High-Ranked quests, a Hunter may start here. connected to area 2.


Giaprey can be found here.

Bugs can be caught here. There are 3 Bug catching points and a Gathering spot near some rocks.Objects found include Master's Skull, Lightcrystals, and some Ice Crystals.

Battle Theme



Silver World00:18

Silver World

Silver World: Snowy Mountains Day
Silver World00:18

Silver World

Silver World: Snowy Mountains Night

Frontier Pioneer Quest Revamp

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