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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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 Herbivores that live near water in the Volcano and Flooded Forest. Their heavy, sagging hides store nutrients, and are prized for their resistance to heat and water. Males are quite territorial, often refusing to flee from even invading wyverns.


  • Order: Ornithischia
  • Suborder: Clubbed Tail
  • Infraorder: Land Beasts
  • Superfamily: Drooping Hide Beast
  • Family: Toth
  • Species: Slagtoth

Slagtoth are a part of the Herbivore class. They are distantly related to the Aptonoth and Apceros.


Slagtoth seem to be found near water, like rivers or lakes. These creatures are also known to inhabit the outer belts of volcanic areas as well. In the Old World Slagtoth inhabit the Primal ForestVolcanic Hollow, and Everwood. Within the New World they can be found in the Flooded Forest and Volcano (3rd).

Ecological Niche

These large herbivores are able to defend themselves from many threats, but they are still common prey items for most carnivorous monsters. They seem to be the staple food of Wroggi packs, Tigrex, Rathalos, and Ivory Lagiacrus.

Biological Adaptations

Slagtoth have a strange, moist frog-like skin that is used for holding in fat. Depending on how much moisture there is in an area, a Slagtoth's can vary in color. Also, seeing as the beasts dwell within the lower reaches of the Volcano, where there is very little water at all, this somewhat reduces the idea that they are dependent upon being in or near the water. Alternatively, it could be that the Slagtoth that dwell within the lower recesses of the volcano have evolved to cope with their relatively hostile environment. The bony plates on their snouts serve as their main weapons. Much like real Rhinoceros, they will use this to defend themselves from would-be predators.

Male Slagoth are on average larger than females.


Much like Rhenoplos and Apceros, male Slagtoth are extremely territorial and protective of their herd. They will ram any hunter that comes too close. They will not retreat and hide like Aptonoth if a large predatory monster is in sight. When unprovoked, Slagtoth are quite docile and have often been observed to lounge partially submerged in the watery terrains of the Flooded Forest.

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