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1[Skills Even A Conga Understands -4-]

Welcome to the fourth part of our guide on Skills for the less than skilled hunters out there. This final edition introduces Attack Skills perfect for the ofensive hunter.

2Melee weapon users face a serious threat when their attacks bounce off an incredibly hard monster. Many hunters have been defeated in the opening created by a failed attack. To avoid this kind of situation, the ESP Skill from the Fencing Skill class will allow you to strike a hard monster without fear of creating an opening.
3In the Expert Skill class, there is a Skill called Reckless Abandon which raises one's Affinity. Affinity dictates the rate at which your weapon will unleash a powerful attack, and thus a Skill that raises this number is incredibly useful to both melee and ranged weapon users.
4A great Skill for those who wish to always attack from a distance is Speed fire. It allows Bowgun users to attack without reloading, and shortens the amount of time a Bow user must charge an attack. However, Rapid Fire Shells on a Light Bowgun still require reloading and the recoil can be greater than normal.
5The Load Up Skill is a wonderful Skill for those looking to get the most out of their bows. It unlocks the fabled fourth power level of charge attacks. When used by Bowgun users, it allows you to load an extra shell into your Bowgun.
6Other standard Offensive Skills worth mentioning are Attack Up, which raises attack power, Element Attack Up, which raises elemental attack power, and Abnormal Status Attack Up, which increases the potency of you Abnormal Status Attacks. Match each Skill to the situation and reap the benefits.
7There are also many other Skills that are quite useful. The Autotracker Skill, which displays a monster's location, can prove invaluable in many situations. A true hunter should try many Skills and find the ones that fit their own personal style best. This is the first step to being a first class hunter!

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