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1[Skills Even A Conga Understands -2-]

Welcome to the second part of our guide on Skills for the less than skilled hunters out there. This edition will introduce Skills that assist in gathering materials.

2Many hunters feel that the Pickaxes or Bugnets they take with them on a Quest all seem to break so easily... There is a perfect set of Skills for these hunters called Whim Skills. If you activate the Whim Skill called Spirit's Whim, your Pickaxes and Bugnets will be much harder to break. This skill also seems to have an effect on Flutes and Boomerangs!
3There is also a great Skill for those who are terrible at bringing Eggs or special ores back to camp. It is called Backpacking Expert! It doesn't just raise your speed while carrying something, it also allows you to fall from heights that would normally crack an Egg. But there is still a limit to how far you can fall, so don't be too overconfident!
4For those who just want a little more reward from a Quest, the Fate set of Skills is wonderful. If you activate the Good Luck Skill, your chances for a greater than usual reward from a Quest will increase. However, the extra rewards for Capturing a monster or destroying parts of a monster will not be affected by this Skill.
5For those who have to have monster materials, they should go for the Carving set of Skills. The first of these skills would be the Carving Iron Man, which lowers the chance of being interrupted while gathering, while the second level, Carving Celebrity, increases the number of times you can carve a monster! Celebrities get the most out of life... Even with Skills!
6The thing you must remember is that even though these Gathering assistance Skills are useful, they will have very little effect on the tide of a battle. If you want to face off against powerful monsters, or provide support when working with other hunters, more battle oriented Skills would be best. Matching the Skill to the situation is truly key!

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