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1[Skills Even A Conga Understands -3-]

Welcome to the third part of our guide on Skills for the less than skilled hunters out there. This edition will introduce Skills that protect one from the dangers of monsters.

2When in battle, one must be aware of Abnormal Status, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Faint, or becoming a snowman can ruin your day no matter how much Health or preparedness you began with. Defend agains these with Skills like Poison Negated. These types of Skills are essential when facing off monsters who often use Abnormal Status attacks.
3Physically protect yourself with Guard Skills. If you Guard an enemy's attack, you may still get knocked clear across a field, but the Guard+ Skill will prevent you from leaving your feet during battle. Furthermore th Guard Increase Skill will let you block attacks you normally could not. This Skill is perfect for Heavy Bowgun users.
4For users of weapons that have no Guard features, I recommend the Hearing Protection Skill. The only way to prevent rupturing your eardrums from a monster's roar is to drop your Guard and plug your ears. But if you gather 15 Skill Points in Hearing Protection, you'll trigger High Grade Earplug and never have to worry about covering your ears again.
5When fighting a wyvern or giant monster. Wind Pressure can truly cause a hunter problems. When a monster flaps its wings or lands, the Wind Breaker Skill will keep you upright. However, to stave off the Dragon Wind of an elder dragon, you will need 20 points to trigger the Dragon Wind Breaker Skill.
6Beyond the Skills for special conditions above, there are also many other Skills that do things such as raise Defense or increase elemental resistance. If you accumulate 20 Defense Skill Points, your Defense will raise by 40, making it sure to be a Skill you rely upon. As you use Defensive Skills, you raise your overall chances of survival.

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