Sinister Saints-Concept

Original Concept Art of Sinister Saints


  • This is the North America and Europe counterpart of the "海賊Jアックス (Pirate J Axe)" in the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 3. It is an Event Weapon from Event Quest: JUMP・挟撃の炎戈竜! in collaboration with magazine, "週間少年ジャンプ (Shonen Jump)".
  • Sinister Saints is one of the event weapons in Monster Hunter 3. It is also one of the only weapons in Monster Hunter 3 created by fans of the series. On September 7, 2008, Capcom-Unity and Capcom-Europe held contests for giving their members a chance to design and name a weapon for Monster Hunter Tri. Winners of the contest in Europe were announced in November 19, 2008, and winners in North America were announced at December 2, of 2008. The Sinister Saints is one of the designs that won in North America, the other in Europe being Lion's Bane, and Tenebra, the chosen name for the Name a Weapon contest. The creator of Sinister Saints was a fan named Shawnzy.