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Silver Ridge Gammoth are Deviants of Gammoth, introduced in Monster Hunter XX.

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Silver Ridge Gammoth appears to have a more bluish fur than regular Gammoth. The portions of red fur on its back have also turned silvery-white, although the reason for this is unknown. The bony plate on its scalp is also slightly different in shape: the plating on the sides of its head are now asymmetrical, and there is a large crack in the center of its scalp. Silver Ridge Gammoth also appears to have larger, sharper tusks than a regular Gammoth.


Unlike the regular Gammoth the Silver Ridge Gammoth is able to coat her legs with ice and not snow, she can also now cover her trunk with ice. The snowballs it throws are also larger than those of a regular Gammoth.


Like normal Gammoth, Silver Ridge Gammoth are a highly territorial species that can be quite dangerous in certain places. These beasts are said to be to cause blizzards and avalanches in snowy regions from their immense strength alone. Due to this, hunters are required to have a special permit in order to hunt a Silver Ridge Gammoth.

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Monster Hunter XX
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