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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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Shantien is an Elder Dragon whose body bears some resemblence to Amatsu and Leviathans such as Lagiacrus.

Habitat Range

It is currently unknown where these dragons live, although there have been some reported sightings of them flying above the vast oceans and volcanic areas. Recently, they have been reported flying above the Great Forest Peak though more studies are needed to prove this. The only real way to find a Shantien is by using the Large Exploration Ship.

Ecological Niche

Scientists have been unable to identify these creatures role in the food chain. At first glance many believe the drakes to be carnivorous due to the sharp pointed teeth they possess.

Biological Adaptations

Shantien have a long and serpentine-like bodies similar to some Leviathans, two small wing-like crests, crystal-like horns and spines, along blue fur running down their back, arms, and tail. The hairs produce a type of blue particle which appears to cause storms. These blue particles make the creatures appear to glitter in the skies. How these drakes fly is an amazing process. Shantien produce/generate a mass of compressed air that lifts up the dragons and releases the "blue particles", thus allowing for high-speed flying. Interestingly when near volcanic areas the air that surrounds them becomes much hotter and the once blue fur and horns change to a vibrant yellow coloration.


Like the Amatsu, Shantien is a highly aggressive Elder Dragon. They will attack any threat in their territory, including any air ships. One has even been witnessed attacking the Mezeporta in the past. If Shantien is in a certain environment, it may use the its surroundings to its advantage in battle. A possible reason why Shantien are so aggressive and territorial is because of the powerful Garuba Daora though both live in different environments. It is also said that Shantien and the deadly Disufiroa are fierce enemies.