LS-Icon Shadow of the Moon / (?) (MHFU)
Weapon108 Attack 1,152 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute None 120,000z 120,000z
Affinity 50% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Sharpness BredSoraByelBgreSbluSwhiSpur StrNargaCuttngWng (5)
BlackNargaPelt+ (10)
HvnlyNargaScale (1)
Eltalite Ore (15)
StrNargaCttngWng (3)
BlackNargaPelt+ (8)
HvyNargaTailSpik (5)
NargaBrainStem (2)
Slots OO-
Bonus None
Rarity 10
Description A very dark Long Sword. It cuts best in trained hands. How its made is a secret.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> LS-Icon Shadow of the Moon >> Upgraded Into
Hidden Saber None
MHF2/MHFU: Great Sword / Long Sword Tree