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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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Neopterons that use swift aerial movements to attack invaders on the ground. The sharp appendages on their heads can make their lunging attacks quite dangerous, though they sometimes overshoot their targets and slam into the ground.


  • Order: Coleoptera
  • Suborder: Adephaga
  • Family: Seltas

Seltas is a medium sized Neopteron and is the male counterpart of the Seltas Queen. This species shows a perfect example of sexual dimorphism. Seltas also has a closely related Subspecies that lives within the harsh Dunes.

Habitat Range

The known habitats of these creatures in the Old World are Ancestral Steppe, Sunken Hollow, Everwood, Heaven's MountPrimal Forest, and Jungle.

Ecological Niche

Seltas is low in the food chain and can be preyed upon by many predators like the Zinogre, Gore Magala, Brachydios, Rajang, and Elder Dragons. Seltas can feed on small prey like Kelbi, Altaroth, Gargwa, and Konchu along with Jaggi, Aptonoth, and Bnahabra. The main predator of Seltas could be considered to be its mate, Seltas Queen. Seltas Queen have been witnessed feeding on Seltas when ever they need to or just want to. Other predators to be wary of include NerscyllaTetsucabra, Pink RathianSeregios and Deviljho.  

Biological Adaptations

Seltas possess an organ within their body that produces a disgusting liquid. This liquid can be used as a weapon, and as a means of feeding, as the liquid is highly corrosive by itself. When combined with the pheromones from the Seltas Queen, this liquid can make enemies, and most notably hunters, fatigued. Seltas have a long, armored canopy that can be used to pierce through predators and prey alike, which is also able to pierce through rock with their powerful speed. His wings are strong and allow it to fly at break neck speeds. The main weapon of the Seltas, his claws, are used as weapon and as tool to hold down and subdue prey.


Seltas aren't very aggressive but will attack anything that seems like potential prey in a minute. When the Seltas is with the Seltas Queen, it will become a lot more aggressive and will fall under her control from her pheromones. Many Seltas that fall under her control are sometimes eaten by her though only when she is greatly injured or hungry enough.

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