Sea People (Japanese 海の民) is a race in the Monster Hunter series, first introduced in Monster Hunter 2.

What Are Sea People?

Sea People are a race similar to humans, however, have a few key differences from humans. They have webbed hands and webbed feet, with sharp nails, allowing them to swim better than most humans. Another crucial difference between them and humans is that the Sea People have translucent skin with their own unique skin color. These colors have a thin dye to them when in sunlight.

Sea People's Ancestors

Not much is known about their ancestors. It is said that the Sea People's ancestors lived in old, underwater ruins and that supposedly their race even evolved from Fish. However, the Hunter's Guild believe they still have some connection to humans.


This race has many of their own customs while also following their own dreams. The Sea People have their own clothes, hairstyles, and ornaments, for example. Some of them, however, actually even lead on to their own path and become hunters. Before hunting or sailing off, the Sea People are known to pray for protection or cleanse themselves from evil using charms and talismans. The women in the village can be distinguished whether they are married or not by the shell they wear on their head.

One big custom of the Sea People is to celebrate after getting massive hauls with a ceremony, celebrating all the bounty the sea brings them and granting it the respect it deserves.

Protector of the Sea People

Protector of the Sea People that protects them from many dangerous monsters while also being a fisherman. The reason he wasn't seen in Moga Village when Ceadeus struck it is because he was attacked by an unknown Piscine Wyvern and was greatly injured by the attack.