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Savage Deviljho Topics:

Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate


Body Carves (x6)
Item Name
Deviljho Shard 33%
Deviljho Coat 22%
Deviljho Ripper 18%
Vile Fang 15%
Deviljho Gem 7%
Deviljho Crook 5%
Tail Carves (x2)
Deviljho Flail 65%
Deviljho Shard 26%
Deviljho Gem 6%
Deviljho Crook 3%
Capture Rewards
Item Name
Deviljho Coat 30%
Deviljho Ripper 24%
Black Blood 20%
Deviljho Shard 16%
Deviljho Gem 6%
Deviljho Crook 4%
Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Face Vile Fang 70%
Vile Fang x2 30%
Shiny Drops
Item Name
Lrg Wyvern Tear 50%
Deviljho Ripper 42%
Deviljho Gem 5%
Deviljho Crook 3%

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter X

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