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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Body Carves (x3)
Item Name Chance
R. Duram Shell 46%
R. Duram Plate 35%
Marbled Hump 11%
Duram Sacrum 5%
Durambolite 3%
Tail Carves
Item Name Chance
R. Duram Hardtail 79%
R. Duram Shell 14%
Duram Sacrum 5%
Durambolite 2%
Item Name Chance
Lrg Wyvern Tear 50%
Wyvern Tear 25%
R. Duram Plate 20%
Marbled Hump 5%

Item Name Chance
R. Duram Plate 38%
R. Duram Shell 21%
Monster Slogbone x2 15%
Duram Hardhorn 12%
Marbled Hump 10%
Durambolite 4%
Destroy Rewards
Duram Hardhorn 75%
R. Duram Shell 15%
Duramboros Horn+ x2 10%
Marbled Hump 60%
R. Duram Plate 27%
R. Duram Shell 13%
Tail Mining
Item Name Chance
R. Duram Hardtail 76%
R. Duram Shell 15%
Duram Sacrum 6%
Durambolite 3%

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