The Rotten Vale (Japanese 瘴気の谷) is a location first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. This area is an inhospitable valley littered with the corpses of dead monsters.



  • The Rotten Vale has a deadly gas that can suffocate hunters.[1]
    • This gas also makes the monsters that live in the area more aggressive than usual, even timid ones.
  • Giant bone structures hang above some areas that a hunter can bring down upon monsters using their Slingers.
  • Above the Rotten Vale is the Coral Highlands.[2]
  • Hunters can carve the corpses of monsters in the Rotten Vale like Legiana.[3]
  • The skeleton of a Dalamadur can be seen throughout the Rotten Vale, including the map.[4]
    • The head of Dalamadur can be seen at the Base Camp.[5] [6]
  • The Rotten Vale has acid puddles that damages those who stand in them.


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