Reverto (Japanese リヴェルト) is a skilled hunter from Gildegaran.

MHST-Reverto Render 001


Reverto is a lazy hunter that doesn't do much until it is time to hunt. When hunting, his real skills as a hunter can be witnessed by all. He also has a high fear of bugs, as seem as he refuses to go on missions that involve bugs.


Reverto grew up in Gildegaran and was friends with Simone at a younger age. He eventually grew up to become a hunter that is recognized by the Hunter's Guild for his skills in combat. Now he is helping them figure out a mystery about berserk monsters with the help of Lute. While on their journey, he is teaching Lute the values of being a hunter.


Reverto wears a special version of the Hunter's Armor and uses the Tigrine Edge.