Please note that to use Remotejoy you must install Custom Firmware. While not illegal, Custom Firmware does void the warranty on your PSP.

Has anyone else wondered how on earth people make screen shots and videos, on youtube? Well one way to do this is through an application called remotejoy. This page isn't ready quite yet but it will be soon.

Fortuan 15:52, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

Good news I have now figured out how to also record the screen captured on the computer!
Fortuan 22:43, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

First you will need somethings to be able to do this:
1) usb cord for your psp to connect to your computer
2) You need a CFW on your psp, if you are like me I have the M33-2 used in the getting MP2ndG guide.
3) computer obviously
4) Magic Memory Stick also in the MP2ndG guide
5) software to extract .rar files (i suggest 7zip)
6) double jack audio cord. (for sound when recording)

remotejoy sdl 2007 link: [1]
remotejoy for 3.71 M33 CFW link: [2]
hypercam link: [3]
7zip (if you need it) link: [4]

Ok first you need to udpdate your Custom Firmware (CFW) to 3.71 M33-2 as shown on this page Getting Custom Firmware and Patching MHP2ndG Guide
Then go and get the file for remotejoy for 3.71 and extract the files to any folder (I just did it to my desktop)
Then hook up your psp in usb mode, open the fold called seplugins NO CAPS, if you don't have it just create it.
Inside the seplugins folder create an empty text file named "game.txt" don't include the quotations
type those 2 lines above into the text file named game that you just created
Now put the remote joy and usbhost .prx files into the seplugins folder (files from extracting remotejoy)
Once all that is finished unplug the cord from the computer to the psp and download the remote joy sdl 2007 files link above
Again extract the files to anywhere (this also was on my desktop)
now turn on you psp in recovery mode. This is done by holding R while turning the power on *note* you MUST have the CFW for this to happen
go to the plugins option then enable both of them, when finished hit back and then exit
Now run the usbhost file from remote joy sdl 2007 to connect with the psp and anyone of the 4 options (any with start remote joy, fps means display frames/second, and fs is full screen)
now plug your psp into the computer again and start a game, it should pop up with a new hardware found and if you are like me it auto installs neccisary files. If it doesn't pop up you will have to go though the install steps for the neccisary drivers, basically you want it to install drivers for psp type B. If you are asked to manually do it when asked where the drivers are located go to where you put the remotejoy sdl 2007 folder open the folder named libUSA' then driver then select libusa file.
Then if it says drivers installed and ready you can do it!
Now when you want to play on the computer screen just start the remote joy usb host and then start any of the remotejoy files and it should work. Sometimes if you just see a black screen hit F5 to refresh. it works as a start and stop feature.
Now if you would like to record what's going on just downlaod the hypercam file launch it click select window and start recording!
if you like to record sound use that double ended audio cord to do so

When connecting to other PSP's or saving material it WILL lock up if you are currently displaying the screen on the computer. To avoid this hit F5 and it will go through normally when the screen is paused then just hit F5 to resume.
If you want sound from the computer when not recording just plug your computer speakers into the psp head-phone jack.

Here is a helpful video that can guide you through the process of installing remotejoy once you have your CFW. The Monster Hunter Wikia does not take credit for this video.