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In-Game Information

FrontierGen-Rebidiora Icon


Rebidiora is a mutation of the Elder Dragon known as Rukodiora. It is a rare individual overcharged with electricity and considered far more dangerous than any near Rukodiora.

Habitat Range

Rebidiora have been seen only attacking the Interceptor's Base. Reports have come in on huge thunderstorms in some areas caused by these Elder Dragons such as the Gorge and Great Forest.

Ecological Niche

From Rebidiora being Elder Dragons they are far beyond any near normal niche. Despite this Rebidiora have not been seen interacting with any other species, making it hard to put it into a niche. From the way its teeth are designed it could be assumed to be a carnivore.

Biological Adaptions

Rebidiora's appearance has changed due to it being overcharged with electricity. This is do to it trying to protect itself from its own electrical shocks, leading to its different appearance. From it being overcharged with electricity Rebidiora defends itself in a more aggressive manner rather than use debris to protect itself like Rukodiora. Instead it now shocks its attackers with powerful shocks from its body in order to protect itself rather than use its magnetism. These shocks are stored in its shell while its scales show the electricity constantly flowing from them. Its horns are shaped differently so they can better control the lightning they conduct. Even the tail can give off a powerful shock with a single touch. Unlike Rukodiora, Rebidiora controls an element known as Thunder Pole. This element combines Thunder and Dragon into a deadly combo, allowing Rebidiora's attacks to be more powerful than a basic Rukodiora. This element comes from special crystals produced inside a Rebidiora's body that combines its magnetism and lightning together.


Rebidiora are far more aggressive than normal Rukodiora. One Rebidiora was even able to destroy a whole forest with lightning strikes from itself.

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