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Raviente (ラヴィエンテ) is a monster first featured in the Monster Hunter Frontier Season 7.0 Update. Raviente is a giant, tusked serpent living on a lonely island far from civilization. It can burrow both underground and underwater.

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Raviente primarily attacks by smashing its face into the ground causing an array of flying rocks. Because of the succession of these hits, hunters caught in the vicinity will become knocked out (dizzy). Once in awhile, Raviente will become stuck into the ground for roughly 15 seconds, becoming vulnerable. It has many devastating attacks like its gigantic fireballs, but Raviente will deeply inhale before releasing them, giving ample warning.

Raviente can release a powder that ignites, much like the Teostra. After burrowing into the ground, there will be a series of volcanic geyser eruptions similar to Akantor's fire pillars, except that it takes a bit longer before it explodes. Stepping onto the fire area decreases hunters health. It is also capable of apparently causing a hail of meteor-like rocks to bound across the field by burrowing into the 3rd islands volcano. It appears to be the largest monster in the Monster Hunter universe thus far, rivaled only by Dalamadur.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

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Music Themes

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  • Unlike most large monsters, Raviente is susceptible to poison but not paralysis. [1]
  • Raviente can be hunted by up to 16 players at the same time (in groups of 4), as it is a server battle. Raviente is so powerful that it shares the same health bar across all rooms. Loss conditions for Raviente are also different; instead of having a set number of deaths before the quest is failed, someone has to stay at camp and play a support role providing medical items to keep everyone from failing the support also has to provide bombs and other items. Breaking parts grants everyone fighting Raviente 30,000 points. A sound effect, message and blue smoke surrounding Raviente notify hunters of this.
  • The whole fight takes place in 3 areas(Mountain area, Geyser Island, and Volcano) and in 10 different stages. 3 in each area (Day/Evening/Night) and the last one being a 3 minute carve round. If Raviente doesn't die on the ninth stage, you will repeat it again until it dies
  • Each stage has its own reward screen and you must rejoin the quest again in order to continue.
  • On the second island, there are geysers that can throw you into the air.
  • Raviente's body has an armored, almost rock-like shell part that is resistant to weapons under blue sharpness.
  • It requires at least 8 players to start a Raviente Hunt.
  • Raviente's roar requires Super HG earplugs to block.

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