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Main Ammo

Ammo Type Level One Level Two Level Three
Normal S 6 6 9
Pierce S 0 3 0
Pellet S 0 4 0
Crag S 0 1 0
Clust S 0 1 0

Attribute Ammo

Ammo Type Level One Level Two
Recovery S 3 3
Poison S 3 1
Paralysis S 0 0
Sleep S 0 0

Elemental/Ability Ammo

Ammo Type Amount
Flame S 6
Water S 0
Thunder S 0
Freeze S 0
Dragon S 0
Tranq S 2
Paint S 2
Demon S 0
Armor S 0


One of the best heavy bowguns in low-rank, while retaining limited usefulness in begin high-rank. Fire and normal S centered, it also fires most raw lvl 2 shots and poison S, with considerable power and a very fast reload time, making it the ultimate offensive bowgun. Rivaled by the lunastra/teostra and kirin bowguns, which offer higher versatility and power respectively, but are considerably harder to make. When paired with a shield attachment and pellet S up, it becomes the ultimate blos killer in low-rank. A true recommendation.

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