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This is the Low Rank Blademaster Version of the Rathian Armor.

Click for Low Rank Gunner Version of Rathian Armor.

Rathian Armor
for Male/Female
Rarity: 4, Total Slots: 7
General Information
Monster hunter freedom 2 conceptart mpU6i Total Defenses:
Initial Defense 190
Max Defense (?)
Fire Resistance 10
Water Resistance 0
Ice Resistance 0
Thunder Resistance -10
Dragon Resistance -20
Skill Effects: Health +30, Poison Duration Halved
Armor Pieces
MH3icon-Helm Head Rathian Helm
MH3icon-Plate Torso Rathian Mail
MH3icon-Gauntlets Arms Rathian Vambraces
MH3icon-Waist Waist Rathian Tasset
MH3icon-Leggings Feet Rathian Greaves

Slots & Description

Armor Piece Name Slots Description
Rathian Helm
O Splendid, strong, graced with a Rathian's dignity. Both beautiful and fearsome.
Rathian Mail
O Made from an earth dominating Rathian. Covered in damage resistant scales.
Rathian Vambraces
O Armor covered in mysterious green scales. A tyrant's ambition spreads everywhere.
Rathian Tasset
OO Tasset shining green with wisdom. Defense that strikes fear into savage beasts.
Rathian Greaves
OO Pregnant with Rathian rage. The shaking of the ground is welcomed like an old friend.


Items Required Cost
MH3icon-Helm Rathian Scale x3, Rathian Shell x1, Machalite Ore x2, Gendrome Hide x2 5350z
MH3icon-Plate Monster Bone+ x1, Rathian Scale x2, Machalite Ore x1, Killer Beetle x2 5350z
MH3icon-Gauntlets Monster Bone+ x1, Rathian Shell x2, Rathian Scale x2, Machalite Ore x2 5350z
MH3icon-Waist Rathian Shell x3, Rathian Scale x2, Carpenterbug x4, Dragonite Ore x2 5350z
MH3icon-Leggings Monster Bone+ x1, Rathian Shell x3, Rathian Scale x2, Machalite Ore x2 5350z
Rathian Scale x11, Rathian Shell x9, Machalite Ore x7, Gendrome Hide x2, Monster Bone+ x3, Killer Beetle x2, Carpenterbug x4, Dragonite Ore x2

Armor Stats

The Rathian set isn't all that bad, it has a nice defense and gives you a health boost as well as some protection against poison. The only items you may have trouble getting are Dragonite Ore & Monster Bone+. For the ore it's best to mine in the Volcano area or an upgraded Pokke mine, and for the Bone+ the *** Guild Kut-Ku will drop them on occasion as well the Cephalos quest may give it as a reward. Also, you can opt for the Rathian Cap instead of the Helm, which has a lower defense but better elemental protection and an extra slot.


Fir Wat Ice Thn Drg
MH3icon-Helm 38 +2 0 0 -2 -4
MH3icon-Plate 38 +2 0 0 -2 -4
MH3icon-Gauntlets 38 +2 0 0 -2 -4
MH3icon-Waist 38 +2 0 0 -2 -4
MH3icon-Leggings 38 +2 0 0 -2 -4
TOTAL 190 +10 0 0 -10 -20


Skill Points Total
MH3icon-Helm MH3icon-Plate MH3icon-Gauntlets MH3icon-Waist MH3icon-Leggings
Health +3 +3 +3 +3 +3 +15 Health +30
Poison +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +10 Poison Duration Halved
PsychicVis +3 +1 +3 +1 +1 +9
Faint -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -5



if you add a few strength jewels(2 or 3) and psychic jewels you will also get maxed health and autotracker(armor base already has +9 detect)


  • A very good starting armor to get also very good when fighting low rank Gypceros.

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