Icon Name                     Rarity Source                                
Giant Skull Great Jaggi (day)

Aptonoth (?)

Savory Bear Paw ★★ Arzuros (night)
Thick Skull ★★

Great Jaggi (night)

Great Wroggi (night)

Great Baggi (night)

Ancient Skin Oil ★★

Royal Ludroth (day)

Lagiacrus (day)

Flamboyant Quill ★★ Qurupeco (day)
Billowy Mane ★★★

Purple Ludroth (night)

Royal Ludroth (night)

Queen's Spirit ★★★ Rathian (day)
Peco Pipes ★★★

Crimson Qurupeco (night)

Qurupeco (night)

Volvidon Tongue ★★★ Volvidon (night)
Vermillion Scale ★★★★ Rathalos (day)
Sea-king's Scale ★★★★ Lagiacrus (day)
Quality Mud Pack ★★★★ Barroth (night)
Tender Liver ★★★★ Gobul (night)
Rathian Loin ★★★★ Rathian (night)
P. Rathian Loin ★★★★★ Pink Rathian (night)
Rathalos Ribs ★★★★★ Rathalos (night)
Supersized Scale ★★★★★ Lagiacrus (night)
Duram Truffle ★★★★★ Duramboros (night)
Bag of Zs ★★★★★

Uragaan (night)

Steel Uragaan (night)

Large Obsidian ★★★★★ Brachydios (night)
Prime Plesioth ★★★★★ Plesioth (night)
Diablos Heart ★★★★★

Diablos (night)

Black Diablos (night)

Celestial Scale ★★★★★★ Azure Rathalos (night)
Zinogre Head ★★★★★★ Zinogre (night)
Nargacuga Eye ★★★★★★ Nargacuga (night)
Alabaster Scale ★★★★★★★ Ivory Lagiacrus (night)
Worldeater's Belly ★★★★★★★ Deviljho (night)

Not needed for Argosy License

Icon Name                Rarity Source                                                              
Atlantis Crab Send ships to Legendary Tides Fishing Area
Queen's Needle Large Bnahabra
Eldest Saturnian Use a Saturnian Trap at Moga Farm
Excellent Fang Bullfango (night)