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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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"Ultra-Aggressive creature that is rarely sighted and seldom survived. Survivors report it exhibits a strange attack. The Rajang is said to be a loner, and this isolated life has made it difficult to pin down its territorial leanings."


  • Order: Sharp Claw
  • Suborder: Hard Teeth
  • Superfamily: Unknown
  • Family: Rajang 

Rajang is a powerful Fanged Beast that was once considered an Elder Dragon in legend due to its sheer power. Its closest known relatives are Furious Rajang, Lolo Gougarf, and Ray Gougarf.

Habitat Range

Due to the Rajang's near-permanent nomadic lifestyle, it's not entirely certain where the Rajang is capable of living, though it's not far-fetched to assume that it can live just about anywhere. The known habitats of Rajang consist of the Snowy MountainsGorge, Old VolcanoVolcanoAncestral SteppeSanctuaryIngle IslePrimal ForestDunes, Sunken HollowVolcanic HollowFrozen Seaway and Everwood. Sometimes there have been incidents of Rajang wandering into the Town.  

Ecological Niche

In almost any habitat that the Rajang happens to be passing through, it enforces itself as the apex predator of the surrounding area. Its nature and adaptations allow it to hunt and prey on virtually anything smaller than itself. A Rajang's particular favorite prey is the elusive Kirin. Hunting Rajang in force would now seem a more sensible choice after hunters are faced with such a task. In their chosen habitats Rajang are forced to compete with equally fearsome predators such as Tigrex, Lolo Gougarf/Ray GougarfDoragyurosu, Khezu, Blangonga, Rathalos, Lavasioth, Yian Garuga, Espinas Subspecies, Deviljho and some Elder Dragons. These predators are capable of seriously wounding Rajang due to its unarmored body. Unexpectedly golden fur from Rajang have been found in the stomach of Pariapuria's, even though the Pariapuria's body is very weak to electricity.

Biological Adaptations

Rajang is one of only a handful of monsters able to wield deadly lightning. How it produces its charge is an electrical inner organ. Rajang are extremely fast and nimble despite their size. Rajang exhibits extreme physical strength, easily knocking a hunter off their feet and into the air. When golden, Rajang is even faster and more deadly than its already powerful base form. In this enraged state, Rajang is on par with Elder Dragons like Teostra and Lunastra. It is believed that the tail of the Rajang has something to do with its electrical golden powers, as when the tail is able to be cut it loses its golden power instantly, though this only applies to average Rajang. Some Rajang stay in there golden form and are known to be extremely violent and powerful.

Just recently, it was discovered that Rajang have a unique defense against threats. When in danger, they will increase the strength in their arm and legs and they will be able to deal more damage and move even faster. This unique adaptation can also harden the muscles to increase its defense. Interestingly, their arms and legs will glow red indicating this. They can only do this when enraged however.

Some extra rare individuals of the species have even more strength than even the extra powerful Furious Rajang. There appearance is also different, in that they have blue eyes and very long golden hair when enraged. They use new attack techniques taking advantage of their strength, including attacks like jumping high into the air, covering their fists in electricity in mid air and landing fist first causing a quake and rocks to pop up from under ground with such force hunters hit get launched by the rocks. They show a different intelligence during its rage by following its target while punching leaving the targets only means of escape out-running or jumping through the fists as they are covered in electricity, and rolling into a ball covered in electricity able to hover over the ground going in a strait direction.

The Phantom Rajang is even rarer. Phantom Rajang has improved abilities and the most power of any Rajang ever reported, this Rajang is most famed for its ability to create a ball of electricity much larger than itself and let it slowly hover towards the ground creating a pure white flash large enough to be spotted possibly a mile away within this flash everything within gets electrocuted to death besides the Rajang itself.


Rajang are at best described as being ultra aggressive. Willing to attack and kill anything that threatens them, brutally at that.