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1 [Hunter's Guild Notice -Quest Level-]

The Hunters Guild would like to extend its deepest thanks for your continued use of the guild Outpost. Lately we have received numerous requests for an explanation of Quest Level and we have responded with this article in the No. 1 hunting magazine, Hunting Life

2 Most already know that Quest Level is denoted by the number of *. The Guild Outpost allows hunters to initiate quests from Level 1 to level 8. There are two Guild Maidens Charged with the receipt of Quests, with the maiden on the left handling Low rank Quests from level 1 to 5 and the maiden on the right in charge of High Rank Quests level 6 and above.
3Among the Low Rank Quests, levels 1 to 2 are simple Quests designed for practice while levels 3-5 are normal Low Rank Quests. All the simple quests can be initiated from the start of your career, along with the level 3 Low Rank Quests. However, some Quests within these levels will not be available until you meet certain conditions.
4Basically, no matter your achievements, every hunter starts with a Hunter Rank, or HR, of 1. With a Hunter rank of 1, you may initiate the simple level 1 and 2 quests as well as the level 3 Low Rank Quests
5 Made for practice purposes, level 1 and 2 Quests are against relatively weak monsters. Of course, like other Quests from the Guild Outpost, you can depart on these quests in a group of up to four hunters. If you seek experience and would like to train with your hunting comrades, these quests are highly recommended.
6However, due to the low level of the monsters on these simple Quests, you have very little chance of obtaining high quality items. Of course, the Guild puts very little weight in whether you clear these Quests or not. If you have faith in your skills, you should skip these simple Quests and aim for more difficult challenges.
7Quests level 3 and above feature Urgent Quests that are triggered when you meet certain conditions. Upon clearing an Urgent Quest, your Hunter Rank will raise one level and you will then be able to initiate quests one level higher than before.
8At leve 5, clearing the Urgent Quest will raise your HR to 4 and allow you to initiate level 6 Quests, also known as High Rank Quests. High Rank Quests are against extremely powerful opponents and feature the opportunity to obtain valuable items. You can use these items to make high quality equipment for further use as a hunter.
9 This concludes our detailed explanation of Quest Level. We at the Guild look forward to your future patronage.

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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