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Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate

Carve Rates

Upper Rank

Body Carves+ (x3)
Item Name
P. Ludroth Scale+ 30%
Plum Spongy Hide 25%
P. Ludroth Claw+ 20%
Dash Extract 15%
Torrent Sac 10%
Tail Carves (x1)
R.Ludroth Tail 55%
P.Ludroth Scale+ 42%
Wyvern Stone 3%
Capture Rewards+
Item Name
Plum Spongy Hide 32%
Torrent Sac 22%
R. Ludroth Crest+ 18%
Dash Extract x2 15%
Aqua Sac x2 10%
Wyvern Stone 3%
Wound Rewards+
Destroy Item Name
Crest R.Ludroth Crest+ 60%
P. Ludroth Scale+ 40%


Plum Spongy Hide 55%
Dash Extract x2 20%
Quality Sponge 15%
P. Ludroth Scale + x2 10%
Shiny Drops+
Item Name
Wyvern Tear 38%
Lrg Wyvern Tear 37%
Dash Extract 15%
P. Ludroth Scale+ 10%


Body Carves+ (x3)
Item Name
P.Ludroth Shard 35%
Plum Spongy Piel 26%
P. Ludroth Talon 16%
Flood Sac 16%
Dash Extract 7%
Tail Carves (x1)
P. Ludroth Lash 62%
P. Ludroth Shard 28%
Lrg Wyvern Stone 3%
Capture Rewards+
Item Name
Plum Spongy Piel 34%
Flood Sac 23%
Chic Crest 18%
Dash Extract x3 11%
Torrent Sac x2 10%
Lrg Wyvern Stone 4%
Wound Rewards+
Destroy Item Name
Crest Chic Crest 60%
P. Ludroth Shard 40%


Plum Spongy Piel 65%
P. Ludroth Shard x2 23%
Dash Extract x3 12%
Shiny Drops+
Item Name
Lrg Wyvern Tear 50%
Wyvern Tear 25%
P. Ludroth Shard 15%
Dash Extract 10%


  • The Tail Carve rates for G-Rank are listed wrong in the Brady Guide. They only add up to 93%.

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