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1[Practical Hunting -Primatius Info-]

This section of Practical Hunting covers increasing your effectiveness when fighting monsters. This information, collected from the important points passed on to beginners by the Hunter's Guild, is worth reading for anyone who wants to take a step us as a hunter.

2This section will cover the Primatii known as Bullfangos, Congas, and Blangos. In order to reduce the threat that these beasts pose, the Guild has prepared the following useful pieces of information.
3While the threat posed by these beasts is loww when compared to a wyvern, they tend to move in packs and thus must not be taken lightly. Often seen, Bullfangos are simple beasts, but will charge when sensing a threat. A single beast is a minor threat, but should you befall the misfortune of being surrounded by multiple Bullfangos, tough times surely lie ahead.
4In those situations, it is best to head to high ground, where you will not fall victim to their attacks, or simply mount an escape from the area. The Bullfangos also have an alpha-male leader known as the Bulldrome, which is known for its enormous tusks. Its power and ferocity are leagues beyond a Bullfango, so exercise extreme caution.
5Congas are known to live in the Jungle or Swamp, and are typified by their pink fur. While they may look and move in a humorous manner, they are incredibly violent towards hunters who trespass into their territory. If a Conga's body begins to tremble with fury, one should be incredibly cautious.
6Within a Conga pack, there is a Congalala, a beast widely considered to be the pack's leader. Congalalas are more dangerous than their Conga counterparts, and can launch a foul flatulence attack on unsuspecting hunters. If struck by this attack, any food items you have will be fouled, so a Deodorant is a useful item in all Conga encounters.
7The Blango, known to take up residence in the Snowy Mountains, should be regarded with reverence in packs, if one ecnounters their larger boss, the Blangonga, its leadership will be exhibited in an increase in strength among the rank and file.
8One must be prepareed for a Blango's snowball attacks. If hit by one of these projectiles, you will freeze over and be unable to move. This is when the recently developed Thawing Agent comes in most handy. By using it, you can free your body of snow and ice and return to your normal state.

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