Fanged Beasts (Japanese 牙獣種 „Gajūshu“, also known as Pelagus and Primatius) monsters are beastly mammalian creatures that operate with only legs, and no wings. They are often much faster than other larger threats. The first Primatius monsters appeared in Monster Hunter 2. They were referred to as Primatius in earlier translations, but as of Unite are known as Pelagus. More of the Pelagus were added in MHP3, they are known as Fanged Beasts in the Japanese version, and in the English version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and onward.

First Generation Fanged Beasts

Second Generation Fanged Beasts

Third Generation Fanged Beasts

Fourth Generation Fanged Beasts

Frontier Generation Fanged Beasts

Monster Hunter Online Fanged Beasts

Monster Hunter Explore Fanged Beasts

Monster Hunter Stories Fanged Beasts

Monster Hunter Orage Fanged Beasts


  • Bullfango, previously a Herbivore in the First Generation of Monster Hunter Series, was reclassified as a Fanged Beast in the later generations.

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