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Port Tanzia
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English Name: Port Tanzia
Japanese Name: タンジアの港
General Information
Game Appearances: MH3U
Generation: Third
MH3U Port Tanzia Theme

Port Tanzia is the online city for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It is accessible by talking to the felyne named "Neko (means cat)" on one of the bridges in the offline Moga Village. It is the replacement for Loc Lac City, and is well-known for its landmark lighthouse, which can be seen from the Marina and the Tainted Sea.


• Similar to Loc Lac City, Tanzia is separated into 2 parts; the Marina, where most of the trading happens, and the Tavern, where quests are taken.
• The arm-wrestling mini game that was featured in Monster Hunter Tri returns in the Port.


A list of cateen recipes and skills can be found here: MH3U: Canteen Recipes and Skills.

Guided Tour

MH3U Showcase 02 Online-Stadt Tanjia + Gildenkarte10:19

MH3U Showcase 02 Online-Stadt Tanjia + Gildenkarte

Title Showcasing of Port Tanzia
by MHVuze


Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Port Tanzia00:30

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Port Tanzia

Title Port Tanzia
by GSD993


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