This Poll History Archive shows all the polls that this wiki have had up from December of 2010 to March of 2014.

MH4 is out in Japan! What are your thoughts?
August 26th 2013 to Jan 27th 2014
Option Amount of Votes Percentage
1 The game looks great! I really hope there's a Western release. 1412 42.76%
2 Uninterested. I don't like the direction MH4 seems to be taking. 31 0.94%
3 I'm waiting for a release on <insert console here>. 1787 54.12%
4 I'm going to play it on my Japanese 3DS! 62 1.88%
5 Other. Feel free to explain in the comments section of the discussion blog of the poll. 10 0.3%
Total Votes and Percentage 3302 100.00%
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