This Poll History Archive shows all the polls from January to August of 2008. There are no polls from Aug 27 to January 2009 because Wikia was having an issue with the polls.

Question Total Votes Date Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5Option 6Option 7Option 8
What new monster would you want to slay most in MHF2:G?62January 8 - 15Espinas (36)Hypnock (4)Volganos (7)The aquatic serpentine monster in the MH3 trailer. (15)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Where would you like the next village to be at?72January 17 - 23Near desert dunes, sandy and brown, homes made of sand. (3)On a tropical island, on a big treehouse village. (9)A dark rocky area near the mountainous volcanoes with gray skies. (3)In an enclosed underwater village. (14)A lush and sun-filled forest filled with great green grass. (10)On a large plain with yellow grass and fog. (2)A large port on a beach. (31)N/A
Which has the tastiest meat?68January 23 - 29Kelbi (8)Aptonoth (1)Poogie/Piggie (9)Plesioth (35)Khezu (10)Apceros (2)Anteka (3)N/A
Which Bird Wyvern would win in a cock fight?98January 29 - February 5Yian Kut-Ku (5)Yian Garuga (71)Gypceros (6)Hypnock (16)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Which monster would you like to see get a color-swap (or subspecies) the most?287February 5 - 11Kirin (132)Akantor (39)Tigrex (48)Kushala Daora (14)Lao-Shan Lung (another) (11)Chameleos (18)Teostra and Lunastra (9)Another Raptor (16)
There was a huge surge of new people coming in within the last week. So how did you guys get word on this wiki?200February 11 - 18Search engine. (88)Forum. (12)A friend. (31)A site had it linked. (30)Randomly found. (39)N/AN/AN/A
What type of new boss creatures would you like?296February 18 - 25Flying Wyverns like Remobra. (24)Huge Snakes/Anacondas (155)Serpentine water-only monsters. (11)Griffins/Eagle like beasts. (71)Giant insect monsters. (35)N/AN/AN/A
What would be the most awesome double-elemented duo for Dual Swords?270February 25 - March 3Dragon and Fire (165)Water and Ice (15)Thunder and Paralysis (35)Paralysis and Sleep (32)Fire and Poison (23)Dragon and poison.N/AN/A
What weapon would be funnest to play with on the Wiimote?267March 3 - March 9Longsword (117)Hammer (12)Gunlance (18)Hunting Horn (12)Bow (18)Dual Swords (90)N/AN/A
What type of armor do you find most attractive?273March 10 - March 17High-class metals and ores. Shiny luster. (48)Out of monsters. Bones and scales. (194)Out of monsters. Fur and leather. (10)Out of nature. Leaves and grass. (3)Original clothing. (chef suit, death stench, mafumofu) (18)N/AN/AN/A
What kind of new Fatalis would be coolest?273March 17 - March 24A dark-green, mossy Fatalis with Poison. (49)A spiky, sky-blue Fatalis with Ice. (158)A black and orange Fatalis with Paralysis. (18)A rocky-scaled black and white Fatalis with Sleep. (25)Sharp clawed bright blue Fatalis with Water. (23)N/AN/AN/A
What do you find the most awesome upgrade in MHP2ndG?234March 24 - March 30Fighting alongside a Felyne (151)The new monsters and new color-swaps (25)The new forest map, and the addition of the older maps (9)The weapon upgrades (bottles for Bows, double-element dual swords, ect.) (19)A mass amount of new quests, weapons, and armor (30)N/AN/AN/A
Its spring break! Where are you going for vacation?235March 31 - April 8 Skiing down the Snowy Mountains (88) Soaking up the sun in the Jungle's beaches.(52) A relaxing venture in Kokoto Village(27) A huge Bar-b-q in the Volcanic Belt(29)Relaxing in an oasis in the Desert.(27)Picking flowers from the Forest & Hills for your garden.(12) N/A N/A
Do you use Xlink Kai?215April 8 - April 14 Yes, I play regulary (25) Yes, sometimes (2) Not Yet (30) No. (31) What's Xlink Kai? (127) N/A N/A N/A
What's the coolest subspecies so far?269April 14-April 22 Orange Espinas (173) Brown Blangonga (15) Red Shogun Ceanataur (11) Black Diablos (28) Yian Garuga (43) N/A N/A N/A
How long have you been playing Monster Hunter?301April 22-28Since the original Monster Hunter (114) Since Monster Hunter Freedom (90) Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (91) Haven't even played yet! (6) N/A N/A N/A N/A
What rank are you in MHF2?361April 28-May 5HR1 (38) HR2 (29) HR3 (35) HR4 (34) HR5 (65) HR6 (160) N/A N/A
If you could be a type of monster, which would it be?421May 5-May 13 Raptor (8) Bird Wyvern (14) Wyvern (92) Elder Dragon (272) Piscine (9) Carapacean (8) Primatius (18) N/A
What MH site or forum do you visit the most?206May 14-May 19Skies of Crimson (147) GameFAQs (37) Reign of the Rathalos (9)Playstation Boards (4) Other (9) N/A N/A N/A
What would you prefer the wiki work most on concerning all the monsters?277May 19-June 9Carve Lists (33)Battle strategies (6)Video and image galleries (20) Their attacks (6) Weapons made from the monster. (102) The weapons they're weakest to. (56) N/A N/A
How did the MH Wiki and its users think of the 2-3 week-long absence of its main adinistrator, Pitchblack696?115June 9-June 16It was great! When's the next time!? (8) It was Chaotic (8) You left? It was about the same. (27) I missed these polls! (72) N/A N/A N/A N/A
What do you think of the Monster Hunter Orage manga?144June 16-June 23It's awesome! Can't wait for more! (86) They're entertaining. I'd like to read more. (11) It's okay. I might read it if I'm not busy. (14) Uhh.. no thanks. Not my thing. (15) What's that? (look at Latest Announcements below) (18) N/A N/A N/A
What new feature do you want most from the Monster Hunter Orage manga?169June 23-June 30Weapons with a wind element (25) A "hunter's whip" weapon type. (90) Akamaaya Town (4) Legendary dragon, Miogaruna (46) N/A N/A N/A N/A
What's your favorite type of region?224June 30-July 7Volcanoes (16)Forests (87)Snowy Mountains (19)Swamps (9)Deserts (13)Towers (80) N/A N/A
What minion/s is most annoying during a battle?312July 7-July 15Bullfango or Mosswine (238)Velociprey (or any other raptor) (23) Blango or Conga (11) Cephalos (10) Felyne and Melynx (16)Vespoids or Great Thunderbugs (14) N/A N/A
Which Elder Dragon has the best looking armor?205July 15-July 22Lao-Shan Lung (29)Any of the Fatalis (115)Teostra or Lunastra (5)Kushala Daora (40)Chameleos (16) N/A N/A N/A
Which 7-gen game system would YOU prefer MH3 being on?257July 22-July 28Playstation 3 (130)Wii (46) Xbox 360 (81) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Which monster looks like it took the least creativity to make? 262 29 Jul-05 Aug Cephadrome (187) Kirin (49) Yian Kut-Ku (5) Gypceros (8) Basarios (13) N/A N/A N/A
What age range do you fall under? 421 5 Aug-26 Aug 14 and under (102) 15 - 16 (128) 17 - 18 (84) 19 - 20 (35) Above 20 (72) N/A N/A N/A

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